Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb 23, 2013 @ Gator Trap Shoot

A good time at the ATA Chain Trap Shoot held at the Gator Skeet and Trap Club, Gainesville, Florida.  I shot the Saturday singles (200).

A windy and overcast day, temperature hit 80 degrees. 

A few times I almost lost my hat and one time when shooting a hard right I lost my balance when hit with a gust of wind. The winds lessoned by the time we shot the 2nd hundred.

The first round started with the clouds in the sky almost a dark gray.  You would swear it was going to rain but not a drop. A tough time seeing targets until the clouds lightened up.

A good group of volunteers and they kept things moving along.


Canadian detained at USA border with approved ATF Form 6NIA

After all the years the ATF Form 6NIA has been in use you would think this would not happen.

An Ontario shooter (handguns) was detained when trying to lawfully enter the USA.

Three emails (edited):

I had an issue entering the USA on Saturday and was refused entry, despite having the correct ATF form 6 (5330.3D) For your notes, the refusal was based on their interpretation that because I, as the holder of an Alaska Small Game hunting license, was entering with the intent of other shooting lawful sport shooting activities without an invitation in hand and documented on the form 6, and not on route to Alaska to hunt, the document was not valid for the purposes of importing firearms included in the document. I am also a concealed weapon permit holder valid in several US states, but that is a state and not US federal jurisdiction at this time. As a person who has been crossing in this authorized manner for nearly ten years, I seem to be better aware of the former rules that they were, and am now better informed of the new non-visa rules thanks to your diligence

I have had an email from Kim at the ATF this morning, followed up with her
on the phone, and called the supervisor with CBP at the Wellesley Island NY
crossing, which was the point of entry which made the error. All is fine
now, that CBP station has the information for educational purposes, and I
should be ok in the future. I even have Kim's cell number.

My suggestion to all our friends in the sport shooting community would be to
have a copy of the law and new rules with them, and the specific web site US
government URL's they came from attached to their authorized form 6 NIA
5330.3D. In addition have the phone numbers for ATF in hand for them to use
at all hours. I did have a copy of the law, but not the new rules, attached
to mine, but CBP still made the interpretation they did and refused my entry
after being held in custody for about an hour and a half.

Was in custody at Queenston ON/Lewiston NY port of entry for about 4 hours before being photographed, fingerprinted, and escorted back to Canada in handcuffs. Canada handed me my firearms and all, welcomed me home and told me to go get something to eat and a hotel. Wise choice with this storm. CBP did not like my holsters and shooting gear, and seemed to be insulted that they did not know the new rules. They were polite, but unwavering.

What the law is:

Legal Nonimmigrants Aliens who don't require a VISA 

- Nonimmigrants who don't require a VISA ARE NOT required to submit documentation (Hunting License / Shoot Invitation) with ATF Form 6NIA when submitting for approval. 

- Shoot invitation / hunting license supporting documentation requirements for Nonimmigrants without a VISA changed in July 2012.

For those still using the  Hunting License Option:

An approved ATF Form 6NIA with stateside hunting license (any state), gives unlimited entry for valid reasons, not necessarily hunting.

- Hunting license option is recommended for club visits, practice, attending shoots; league, fun, charity, without the need of a shoot invitation.

- License Accepted: Non-resident shooting preserve, non-resident small game hunting, or non-resident non-game.

Form 6 NIA Guidance

The new ATF Form 6NIA is still pending publication.


For readers not familiar with the subject.  Canadians and other visitors to the USA who wish to enter with a firearm for sporting purposes, to include hunting, submit a form to the ATF approximately six to eight weeks prior to entry.  The form must include serial numbers of all firearms and any ammunition being temporarily imported.  The person undergoes an ATF background check and either receives back an approved or disapproved form.  The approved form is usable for one year.  For whatever reason, those working the border from time to time have no idea on the use of the form and at the least deny entry to the USA.  Very frustrating and when your heading to a shoot and crossing at 5am....

Monday, February 18, 2013

Obama NOT at the Azalea Open Skeet Shoot

I took a trip over to the Palatka Skeet Club in Palatka, Florida as I heard that President Obama was in Florida and I assumed he made the trip down to shoot in the Azalea Open Skeet Shoot. A 4-gun skeet shoot with doubles shot on Friday. The shoot has a long history and sees many snow birds in attendance.

With camera in hand I visited all seven fields in use for the tournament, but no President Obama!

I took a number of photos and video, but was greatly disappointed in not seeing the President, as for whatever other reason would he make a trip to Florida?.


When I returned home and while watching the nightly news I discovered the President was in Florida, but he passed on shooting skeet and instead shot a round of golf with Tiger Woods.

Unbelievable, playing golf instead of shooting skeet. A real skeet shooter would have passed on the golf event, a sons graduation, and a daughters wedding.

Obama a skeet shooter, I think not!

A cold and windy day on Sunday.  By 1pm the temperature was in the 50s and I think the wind let up (just a little bit).  The coldest day this winter in Florida.  Many northern areas of the state saw frost. Temperatures bouncing back to the 70s in the upcoming week, with maybe a day or two of temps reaching the 8s.

Shooters were in good humor. The cold and wind did not stop them from having a good time!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Feb 10, 2013 @ Amelia Shotgun Sports

An afternoon visit to Amelia Shotgun Sports to shoot sporting clays. The club is located in Yulee, Florida, just south of the Georgia border (north of Jacksonville, Florida).

After a quick sign in we grabbed a target counter and hit the course.  The 12 station course has two stands per station.  Red and Blue.  When they hold registered shoots one color is shot for the AM shoot and the other color for the PM shoot.  For practice we chose to shoot half the targets from the red stands and the other half from the blue stands.  Normally shooters would pick one color and stay with it. We only threw show me targets from one of the stands at each station.

The course also has several yellow stands for beginner shooters.  A nice touch!

Station #1 is an easy walk from the club house.

Two rabbit machines on the course.   We had fun with them, especially with shooting both the red and blue stands.

Shooters coming and going during are stay.  The clubs trap field was getting a workout and I saw several shooters on the 5-stand.

The club also offers skeet shooting on the clubs two combination fields.  No, I didn't see President Obama shooting a practice round, but I imagine he's welcome to drop in any time.

The club is hosting a member appreciation day on March 16th.  If not a member come on down and join the fun anyway.  If not a shooter but thinking about it, a good time to come down, meet members and get in a bit of shooting.  As with all the clay target sports, ear and eye protection required.  The club sells ammunition!  Always take an extra box of shells along, you never know when you may have to re-shoot a station because of a broken target or a failure to fire the second shot. One extra box should easily cover the squad.

The club (check the club calendar) is also going to be offering Ladies only Introduction to Sporting Clays, Introduction to Skeet, and Introduction to Trap.

The scheduled March 23rd NSCA registered shoot will reportedly be serving steaks for the lunch meal.  Most of the monthly shoots held in this part of Florida, include the cost of lunch in the shot fees, so no extra cost (non-shooters will need to pay for the meal).
As with most NSCA shoots unless stated in the program (usually only seen for major shoots), non-members can attend the shoot and be placed in what is called Hunters Class.   No NSCA membership required!  Prizes may or may not be given to Hunter Class shooters.  Each club decides on awards.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Feb 9, 2013 @ Flagler Gun Club

Bunnel, Florida, ATA targets only. 

Slight wind in your face and the sun in and out.
Nice turnout.   Club was offering singles, handicap, and doubles. 
I found my stock had a little play in it.  Will pull the pad this evening and take care of it before it becomes a problem.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Gun Shell Recycling Program (Notice)

As many of you may already know, Garrison Green over the last few months has partnered with Hi-Tec Plastics Recycling (HTPR) for the Gun Shell Recycling Program.

Due to many unforeseen circumstances, this transition has gotten off to a very rocky start and the program has not fulfilled its original expectations, and in some cases has proved to be very disappointing to its members. Both Garrison Green and HTPR take full responsibility for the downfall of this program. Both companies do feel, however, that the shotgun shell recycling program is a very viable and important program, as shown by the tremendous support of all of the club members throughout the country.
Garrison Green and HTPR are fully committed to making this program work but do realize that in fairness to everyone involved, the program cannot continue to proceed as is. Effective February 1, 2013, the program will be shut down for the next 90 days. This will allow us to get the gun shell recycling equipment up to speed and to restructure the program so that it is more manageable with an end result being a better quality, more dependable program for its members.       We apologize for any inconvenience that we have caused or might cause to our members and their clubs. We will attempt, one shop at a time, to help with current stock, bag needs, full truck pickups and to discuss any outstanding rewards to be awarded. Your continued patience will be appreciated. We want to thank White Flyer and its warehouses for their support, and hope to fully utilize them when we begin accepting bags in May.       Thank you,       Jan Hard Mac McCreless Hi-Tec Plastics Recycling, Inc.
Garrison Minerals 11380 Smith Road
Aurora, CO 80010

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I like! "Save-It Shell Catcher"

For years I used a snap on shell catcher on my 1100.  If all I shot was trap I wouldn't have been looking for an alternative, but I also shoot skeet, and having a shell catching option on singles was something I prefer.  The problem with the snap on when shooting skeet was it had to be removed for shooting doubles.

I saw a few shooters using the Save-It Shell Catcher and thought I might give it a try.

A simple installation.  The instructions have you remove any oil you may have on the part of the gun it was to be attached. 1100's also require a slight offset when attaching (follow instructions).

Peel off the double-faced tape to attach the unit to the gun’s receiver. The semi-permanent adhesive can be removed if desired.

The wire is locked in the up position for catching shells and locked in the down position when you don't want it to catch shells.
Shell Catching Position
Insert Shell
Fired Shell

Inoperative (locked down)
I've had it out twice shooting trap and so far no hiccups!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Feb 2, 2013 @ Bradford Sportsmen's Farm

Member Appreciation Day was the reason for a visit to this Graham, Florida club.

Members and non-members alike could shoot for half price; sporting clays, 5 stand, FITASC, rifle and pistol.  You name it, half price.  Also thrown in was a free lunch consisting of pulled pork, fried quail, and all the fixings, to include a slice of  cake.

The weather was perfect.  Started out on the cool side, but in the afternoon 65 and sunny.  Not a breeze to speak of.

No more then five minutes at the club and I run into two co-owners of the club, both very welcoming and making all feel right at home!  I was offered a ride out to the FITASC course if needed, as I had my hand cart and the course was some distance.  Much appreciated!

Going out to shoot the first 100 of the day we meet Tom (88 years old) and he asked if he could shoot with us.  Made for a pleasant outing. I wish the old timers would each take time to write a book.  The stories they tell and they history they witnessed.  I could listen for hours.  Tom made the trip to the club a visit to remember!

The club has two courses and enjoyed both!

 Tom & Heide

Posing for a Photo!

Shot my 1100 without cleaning and not one failure to feed.

I was talking to a couple of shooters on the 5-stand and both were students of a motorcycle school in Daytona Beach.  I asked if they had shot at the Volusia club near Daytona Beach? They were not aware there was a club in the vicinity.  They knew where the Cabbage Patch was and were surprised to hear the club was only a half mile down the road.  I gather the club will be picking up a few new members in the next week or so.