Friday, January 31, 2014

Canadian 2014 Trap Championship Shoot Program

The 2014 Canadian Trap Shoot Championships will be held in Quebec from June 23th to June 29th at Club L'Acadie. 


The club is just southeast of Montreal.  40 minutes from the I-87 NY border crossing.

If you need additional information and or guidance on visiting Canada with a firearm, I posted the following information.

Club de tir L'Acadie Directions & Information 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

U.S. and Canada Olympic Bunker Trap Locations

My listings of USA and Canada Olympic Bunker Trap locations needs a review.

USA & Canada Olympic Bunker Trap Locations

Check out the listing and if you see that a bunker is not listed or no longer operational let me know so I can update the list.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Revisited: Works for me, NobelSport!

If you've been following my postings, more then happy with target hits using 1oz, #8 shot NobelSports, but the 1 1/8oz, 7 1/2 shot had me rethinking choke selection.  The 1 1/8 shell throws a very tight pattern out of the 1100's were using.

The first time out with the 1 1/8 loads at 16-yard trap I was seeing smoke balls, and that was with modified choke. Smoke balls may be nice to see, but for me, way to tight.

We tried the shells shooting sporting clays,  I used LM and IC.  I settled on IC choke for targets under 30 yards. That seemed to work well. Recently, I've been using LM unless the targets were in your face, but the 1 1/8 loads were costing me targets.  Hey, I'm not George Digweed, what can I say : )

The question, what choke for 16-yard trap?

Today, we had a chance to shoot trap and both the wife and I went with LM choke.

Nice hits and the ones I missed had nothing to do with choke selection. 

Going against conventional wisdom, but will be attending a trap shoot in mid February and going with the LM choke for the 16-yard event. 

The next time out shooting trap practice I'm going to play around with handicap.  I'm thinking that Mod choke will be more then adequate.


I just about used up my stock of Remington 1100 "0" rings and time for a re-supply.

A deal found on Amazon.

021 Viton O-Ring, 75A Durometer, Round, Black, 15/16" ID, 1-1/16" OD, 1/16" Width (Pack of 50)

$6.76 (Free shipping and no tax)  = $0.135 each

A life time of "0" rings for many, but I end up giving them away to anyone who needs one. The last order lasted well over 8 or 9 years and that time I had to pay shipping.

If in the market, say your local hardware store, make sure they are Viton.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cracked Remington 1100 Breach Bolt Assembly

Tearing down the 1100 for cleaning I observe the Breach Bolt was cracked below the slot where the handle is inserted.  The crack is clear through the metal.  I call it a crack, but a break!

I have a spare bolt, but will need to order another, as when attending shoots you need a spare, compete (with extractor and firing pin) Breach Bolt Assembly ready to go.

At a minimum $100 to replace!

I placed a call to Remington to order a replacement part, as it looked like they had the best price, but no luck talking to a person after a 20 minute wait.  I'll call back at another time.

Also, the O ring fell apart in my hand when I was removing it.  May be a  coincidence but my wife's O ring needed to be replaced the other day.
They came out of the same package from an order placed years ago.  Could there have been a few defects in the batch, as they were both replaced just a few months back?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mall in Columbia; Gun Free Zone Killing (once again)

Three people confirmed dead in shooting at suburban Baltimore Mall in Columbia, including suspected gunman.
The Mall in Columbia


This mall is committed to providing an enjoyable shopping experience for our guests. While visiting this mall, the following general activities will not be accepted:

Specific activities that are prohibited include, but are not limited to:

No firearms or illegal weapons


Either do scans for firearms at all entrances or allow lawful citizens to carry firearms!

Sporting clays @ WW Sporting Clays

Only in the high 50's when we arrived at WW Sporting Clays, but by time we were half way through the course the sun came out and we saw temperatures  in the low 60's.

We shot the 13 station course with the provided target counter. 
Most stations have A and B stands. You can shoot all stands, mix it up, or just shoot either the A or B stands.  A nice option to have, especially if your a returning visitor and want different views of targets.
A number of family's, collage kids, and young working adults shooting this day.  Squads coming and going throughout are visit.  I talked to several. 
One family consisted of the complete family tree, from granddad to young teenage children (to include mom and dad), a family outing.  The smiles you see when a target is hit!
More then a few ladies on the course.
My impression of the young working adults is all had well paying jobs, either in a business or working a trade. Many were hunters.
If shooting is down as some say on the talk boards because of the economy, they forgot to tell the crowd at WW Sporting!
A little trouble with my wife's 1100 loading the second shell. I figured it was either the trigger needed to be pulled and a cleaning performed or replace the O ring.  The O ring was the problem.  I always carry spares to include a complete bolt assembly when on the course.
The verdict is still out on the pattern difference between 1oz and 1 1/8oz NobelSport target loads. I'm leaning towards 1oz loads for anything under say 30 yards.  They just seem to pattern better.  Tried different chokes with the 1 1/8 load and not impressed at the shorter yardages. 
The 1oz are 8"s and the 1 1/8 is 7 1/2 shot.  May be the difference, but at this time cannot get my hands on 8 shot to see if that would make a difference in pattern hits.

As well as sporting clays, the club has a skeet field.
The club is west of Jacksonville (I-10), a couple of exits past the Publix Distribution Center.  Maybe 10 minutes off the exit.  The 15 mph hour speed limit is strictly enforced on the clubs access road.  The road is not maintained by the club, but a private property owner.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Trap shooting @ Flagler Gun Club

We shot trap this AM at the Flagler Gun Club.  The club is between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach.

Member punch cards cost $50 for ten rounds and you get the 11th round free.

On Tuesdays, both the trap and skeet ranges are open in the morning. 

On other then open shoot days, members can purchase coins and shoot trap seven days a week (two fields coin operated).  One field is set for doubles. 
On the skeet side, no coins, but you can get a key and also shoot seven days a week. A good deal for those with a busy schedule or who wish to get in some additional practice before attending a shoot!

I think the first trap we shot since November.

Targets being pushed high by the wind during the rounds we shot.  You get two or three nice targets and then a target being launched into space. 

A practice day, and with the wind, it made for good practice!

The voice release worked without any issues.

My second chance to shoot 7 1/2, NobelSport, 1 1/8 shells. I've been shooting #8, 1oz. shells.

I shot the 1 1/8 the other day in sporting practice and thought they threw a tight pattern, more so then the 1oz. loads I've been shooting, using the same choke (LM).  Maybe just the extra shot or shot size, but I think not.

I'm thinking I'm going to a more open choke this weekend in sporting practice and see how it goes.  Smoke is nice, but I think it will cost me targets, especially at the closer targets.

Also, my 1100 seemed dirtier when tearing down for cleaning from what I seen after shooting 1oz.loads.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Palatka Skeet Club Visit

We dropped into the Palatka Skeet Club and shot a few rounds.

65 degrees with the sun in and out most of the afternoon.

We didn't talk to one person who was born in Florida, everyone we had a few words with were from New York.  One couple that I have run into a few times at sporting clays courses in both New York and Florida had just purchased a home in Florida and becoming residents.

I watched a gentlemen shoot a couple of rounds using a wireless voice release Clay Delay. The receiver for the device plugs in where you would normally plug in the cord.  You carry a small transmitter with lapel microphone.  I went over and we spoke for a bit.  He said he was pleased with it's operation and had not experienced any problems. 

The wireless version goes for $369 and well worth the investment.  A wired version is available.  Also, available for the other disciplines. 

The club always seems to have a project on-going or getting ready to start. Metal sheeting for the  skeet house roofs is the next planned project. 

The club does have one trap house but I was told it was not in operation.

Members shoot for $5, non-members $7.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Canadians bringing a Firearm to the USA for Repairs

I was asked about shipping a firearm from Canada to the USA for repairs.

In 2008 I wrote a letter to the ATF and asked a few questions which included if a Canadian could use an ATF Form 6NIA for temporarily importing a firearm into the U.S. for repairs, as many were doing it (and may still be).

The answer was, yes it could be, BUT, under an ATF F6NIA, the importation is just temporary and when the owner leaves, they must take the firearm(s) with them.  (You cannot depart the states without the firearm).

The weapon cannot be left in the U.S.  When you depart the USA the firearm must depart the USA.

The ATF went on to say:

If you wish to temporarily import a firearm, and cannot wait for the repair, your only other avenue is apply for a DSP-5 temporary import through the US State Department.

Kevin L. Boydston
Department of Justice
Bureau of ATF&E
Chief, F&E Imports Branch
Martinsburg, WV 25405

Question on this subject should be directed to the ATF - Firearms and Explosives Imports Branch, (304) 616-4550.


I suggested he contact the repair service and see if they could assist him with the paperwork requirements. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Works for me, NobelSport!

We shot a case of  NobelSport 1oz, #8, 1200fps shells in sporting and were pleased with both recoil and target hits.

Shooting the shells out of a couple of 1100's with no failures to feed or eject experienced.  

It was only one case, but we didn't experience any brass/hull separation that I see from time to time with factory Remington Gun Club shells.   For whatever reason with the gun clubs, the Remington 1100 extractor can pull the brass right off the hull.

Remington Gun Club

Not much of a buildup seen when tearing down the 1100's for cleaning. Pretty clean actually and looks like I could of shot another four or five boxes without any issues.

I have a case of 1 1/8, #7 1/2 NobelSports that I want to take to the range and see how the recoil feels.  I've been leaning more and more towards #7 1/2 shells for sporting, in either 1oz or 1 1/8 oz., especially when shooting at distance and rabbit targets.

Both Remington 1100's were shot with 28 inch barrels (LM choke).  Maybe it's just me, but when I shoot using either a 28 or 30 inch barrel, my failure to feed or eject problems seem to go away, versus the problems I've experienced in the past shooting 26 inch barrels, especially with one of the 1100's I own.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sporting Clays Visit, Amelia Shotgun Sports

We spent the afternoon shooting sporting clays at Amelia Shotgun Sports.

The club has a reputation for routinely changing target presentations and were curious on what we would find.

We grabbed a counter and hit the course.

Except for a couple of stations all target setups were different from are last visit back in March of 2013. All may have been changed, but thought a couple were the same or felt like it.

We enjoyed the course. The course on many stations has two stands.  We try to shoot from all the stands as it makes for a good practice session.  A couple of shots on one and couple on the other.  A nice mix of slow and fast targets were presented. A FUN course. It might be the best they ever set!

I had one station where I shot at least a half box of shells at one target. Not even a chip. A long outgoing, angling right rising target, with the machine set way to my left but 20 yards in front of the stand.  A young person was passing by and I asked if he knew what the lead was.  To make a long story short, gun speed and shooting the front edge of the target.  Glad I got out of my system!

My target problem that I mentioned is the reason I enjoy target counting systems (a must have for all clubs).  If I have  a problem on a station or wish to work on something, I can blast away and the club gets paid for all targets thrown without me having to come up with a number for extra targets. 

Not saying everyone is not honest (well, that would be a lie)!

A few shooters on the course my age, but mostly young people and couples. 

The club has plenty of ammunition on hand and has loaner guns if you happen to be passing through the region without a gun and want to get in a day of clay target shooting.

As many clubs in the south, the club has 4H shooters.  From what I gather a new program, with the kids the last time visiting starting out on the trap field, shooting straight a ways, getting comfortable shooting a shotgun.

The club is north of Jacksonville, Florida. Closer to Georgia then Jacksonville.

Non-members always welcomed!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

New York SAFE Act penalties for not registering.


Means any person, firm, partnership, corporation or company who engages in the business of purchasing, selling or keeping ammunition.

A seller of ammunition who fails to register pursuant to this section and sells ammunition, for a first offense, shall be guilty of  a violation  and  subject  to  the  fine of one thousand dollars and for a second offense, shall be guilty of a class a misdemeanor. 

A seller of ammunition that fails to keep any record required pursuant to this section, for a first offense shall be guilty of a violation  and subject  to  a  fine  of  five hundred dollars, and for a second offense shall be guilty of a class b misdemeanor, and the registration  of  such seller shall be revoked.
* A keeper of ammunition would be a Gun Club.

** Record keeping has been postponed, but not SELLER registration.

*** FFL does not have to register.

S02230 Summary:

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Possible ATF Form 6NIA Processing Delays

Processing an application to visit the USA with a firearm?

The ATF is showing a projected 3 month processing time, due to staffing shortages and number of applications to process.

No reports from anyone who recently processed a form reporting such a delay, but be warned (Don't Delay)!

VISITORS TO THE UNITED STATES, ATF Form 6NIA, Bringing Firearms Into the U.S.

Monday, January 06, 2014

NY Gun Club Ammunition Registration per SAFE ACT

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  I run a shooting range and buy directly from the ammunition manufacturer.  Can we still accept direct shipments of ammunition?

A: Yes, as long as you register as an Organizational Keeper of Ammunition you can continue to purchase and receive ammunition directly.

You can find the Organizational Keeper of Ammunition Registration and Sworn Statement forms HERE

Q: Who can register as an Organizational Keeper of Ammunition?

A: Anyone acting on behalf of an organization that runs and controls a shooting range, hunting club, training program, safety program, or competition club, where that organization provides ammunition for use on that range and not for retail purposes, can register as an Organizational Keeper of Ammunition. The rules are the same for not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.


Q: Is there any background check now required for purchasers of ammunition?

A: Not yet. The SAFE Act provides that background check and record keeping requirements imposed on all retail sellers of ammunition are scheduled to take effect 30 days after the Superintendent of the New York State Police certifies that a statewide license and record database is operational for such a process. That certification has not yet been made as the system is being developed. Therefore, there is no set start date for that element of the law to begin. All sellers of ammunition will receive advance notice before the certification is made in order to ensure a smooth process.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Clay target shooting (Volusia), 15 mins from the Daytona Race Track

Well, maybe a little more then 15 minutes....

The Volusia County Skeet and Trap Club is 15 minutes from the Daytona International Speedway  if all lights are green. Maybe closer to 25 minutes during normal traffic, but only 15 minutes from the I-95 race track exit.

Thousands visit Daytona Beach each year, with most not aware that clay target shooting is just minutes away. 

Overcast on the day of our visit.  66 degrees when we arrived, 63 when we departed. 

A nice crowd on hand!

A volunteer run club and a friendly bunch they are....

My wife.  She just happened to shoot a 25 that round.  I dropped two : (

I don't believe I've ever seen this at any other club.  A three stand (manual traps) practice field for new shooters. As you can see, a favorite with the ladies!

I think they are using 10 machines on the 5-Stand.

 Memberships are $25.00 and Family Memberships are $35.00 per year. One of the better membership deals in Florida.  I find that if your going to be shooting more then a few rounds, purchase the $50 value pack.  That gets you 11 rounds of shooting.

As the club has no running water, we always stop at a fast food establishment at the I-95 exit before visiting the club to take care of business.

Next time you are in town and the spouse wants to go shopping.....

* Sand, not snow, is what you are seeing in the photos : )