Thursday, May 29, 2014

Is your firearm secure (away from home)?

Articles or postings that I've come across in my internet travels.

- Shotgun stolen off the gun rack at the club.

- Rifle discovered stolen after going down range to change targets.

- Gun and/or gear stolen out of the back of an open vehicle at the club.  I lost several boxes of ammunition at a shoot last year.  Non-registered shooters were also shooting at the club : (

- Guns stolen out of unlocked vehicles (recurring throughout the nation).

- Vehicles with gun/hunting decals targeted

- Guns stolen from unlocked vehicle when going to and from the motel room when checking in.

- Vehicles broken into at motels, everything stolen, including firearms not brought into the room.

One story that I keep coming across but could never verify was vehicles being marked at shoots (with a small sticker) and then broken into when shooters were visiting local restaurants.

Not gun related, but a GPS is easy money for someone looking for money for there next fix. Hide the GPS, as well as the mounting device when not in use.

If you have firearm insurance, will it cover all the above scenarios?  Your homeowners policy may not even cover a loss at home, let alone when traveling!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Shooting Glasses. Safe or not? I fear not!

To my distress I've learned that my shooting glasses may not be providing the protection that I thought I was paying for.

Call me ignorant and stupid for assuming, but we're talking shooting glasses that I hope would provide maximum protection, with color of lens a secondary consideration.   I don't want my lens to break under any circumstances.  Frame maybe, lens no!

Very distressed, as I've been hit by pellets and pieces of broken targets, never thinking that my eyesight was in jeopardy.  Skeet shooters are well aware of the hazard of being hit by pellets via ricochet and targets falling from the sky from the adjacent field on a windy day. Have also experienced the same shooting sporting clays.  I've had shells bounce off me from ejected shells from an adjacent shooter when shooting trap.  I've worked around all kinds of clay target machines, never thinking my eyesight was not protected 100%.

Decot Website

General Info - Lenses

Decot makes non-prescription and prescription lenses for Decot Shooting Glasses... as well as for your Post 4, Ranger, Browning, Serengeti, B&L Shooters, and Zeiss Shooting Glasses.

Unless specifically stated or optioned at the time of sale, the lenses will be made of CR39 plastic. Polycarbonate, Trivex and Hi-Index materials are available at additional cost.

A broken lens photo posted to

THE POSTING:  Today I was shooting an incoming target at sporting clays when a piece of target hit me in the eye. I was wearing Decot lenses which broke on impact thereby allowing target pieces into my eye. I had no idea that Decot lenses would break from target pieces. I called Decot and they said the lenses are plastic and not polycarbonate and were not surprised at what happened. My question is why would they sell a shooting lens that does not protect your eye from target impact....what would happen if a barrel blew up.
The Manager at Decot was not interested in replacing the lens for anything less than full cost because it was past 60 days....the lens was 5 months old. He wanted me to ship the lens back to him and he would determine if it was the meantime I'm without shooting glasses.
My reason in writing this thread is to let the other Decot wearers know that these lenses may not provide you the protection you expect.....unless special ordered as Polycarbonate (at additional cost) they are plastic and will break at moderate impact. I have attached a Photo of the lens.

I've contacted Decot and asked if the posting was true, as I fear it is, via reading what is posted to there site in regard to CR39 plastic!

What of the lenses they are making for other companies?

Am I having a senior moment or do we have an issue here?


Received a telephone call from Decot.

The CR39 plastic if I heard correctly is an industry standard, used for many years without issue.  They hear from many shooters telling them how the lenses have saved there eyes.  No, the glasses are not shatter proof.

Those ordering Rx Bifocal don't have the option of using the high end lens material. They are just starting to get in high end product that can be used (limited lens color).  You do have the option of having a full bifocal with the various color options, but not the finger print size they offer. 

In any case, you need to call them direct and see what will work best for you if you require a Rx Bifocal (my words, not Decot), especially if you desire a high end material and not CR39 plastic.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Wounded Warrior Sporting Clays @ Vernon National

Vernon National Shooting Preserve, Vernon Center, New York.

I had pre-registered, but for those who didn't, a smooth process. 

Free coffee and pastries before the shoot.

A safety briefing and a Wounded Warrior ceremony was conducted before the start of the shoot.

Sunny skies and in the low 70's.

14 Stations. A shotgun start.

A six man squad.  I ran into one couple at a shoot last year and didn't know the third that joined the crew.  All had a sense of humor and seemed that all had a pretty good time.  The two from my neck of the woods were first time visitors to the club.

Target presentations were varied.  I shot IC at all stations.

A little wind, but nothing that mattered.

Three young girls were walking the course and given out bottled water.  Also, someone was driving  around in a cart offering water.

When we had a station to go we were notified that the included free lunch was going to be late and to feel free to shoot two or three extra stations (for free) if we wanted to kill some time. Talk about being on top of a situation!

We declined on shooting the extra stations, but in the end I think we were only talking 30 minutes after putting are gear away before lunch (chicken) was served.  In the meantime, the ladies put out dessert and plenty of soda and bottle water was available. 


Friday, May 16, 2014

Canadian Trapshooting Championships on Presquad

Squadding for the Canadian has been moved to


59th Canadian Trapshooting Championships

June 23rd to June 29th 2014


Presquadding begins 5/17/2014


Monday, May 12, 2014

Where have all the trap and skeet shooters gone?

I was taken back the other day when a long time trap shooter told me he was passing on shooting registered trap this year in order to concentrate on sporting clays.

Say what!!!

The region can ill afford to lose a trap shooter.

Clubs that hold, what you would call a big shoot, rely on outside participation in order for the shoot to be called a success in regard to attendance, as not to many home grown registered shooters left in the region.  Those who stop shooting registered are not being replaced at no where near the loss rate (in many cases not being replaced, period).

Many clubs that hosted registered trap or skeet in the region no longer hold such shoots. Not even offering target only shoots.  Those clubs were the lifeblood for the bigger club shoots, with each club providing a squad or two who would travel to attend. No longer!

One club just cancelled a scheduled skeet shoot. The third such cancellation for the club this year. They said one canceled shoot would be rescheduled for some time in the fall.  Better get moving on the re-schedule date, as I already have shoot dates penciled in for fall shooting.

Another club that normally holds a shoot or two has no registered skeet shoots scheduled, but maybe we'll see a few shoots pop up on the club schedule in the fall.  How do I schedule for "maybe" shoot dates?  Those that travel can tell you year after year where they will be on any given weekend. Maybe dates, especially after the shoot season has started, has low priority on the calendar

I haven't been shooting registered skeet in any meaningful way in the last several years, but the lack of shoots in the region makes me ask why bother with registered skeet at all?

Trap is in better shape, but only three clubs offering registered trap. One, a two hour drive.  Again, if no outside participation, less local shooters taking up registered shooting each year and attendance is so so.

Many regions are seeing fantastic participation in skeet and trap via SCTP, AIM, 4-H, and boy scouts.  Not so in this region. I am aware of one club that has five young people shooting skeet each week. There maybe one or two more that have some type of youth shooting program, but if they do, there not getting the word out.  Such programs are much needed and hopefully a number of such shooters will take up registered shooting when they reach adulthood and are settled, but registered shooting as we have known it in the past, may not be able to hold on long enough for the next generation to replenish the ranks.

What's the solution?  Beats me.....

Let's put money (cost) aside, as a debate that can go in many directions.

What can we do to enhance the shooting experience?

Years ago I pushed for a change in registered skeet, shooting doubles at station 3,4, and 5 instead of singles, to move the game along.  That went nowhere (thanks for your suggestion).
Allow shooters to shoot back to back events (if room) instead of having to wait until the PM to shoot the second 100.  It's being done, but don't be shy about offering it.
More one day shoots instead of 4-gun shoots (many clubs went overboard).  I was told that shooters wouldn't travel any distance to attend a one day shoot.  Where did that get us in regard to getting local shooters to participate?  I saw a move to one day shoots in recent years, but I fear a little to late.
I don't mind pulling my own, but if nothing else, get someone to sit at the bench or picnic table and track the scores.  They don't have to know the rules, all they have to do is mark loss or dead!

Successful trap shoots refused to limit the number of shooters. What we got was 10 shots per post or take two boxes of shells with a little or no break between 25's.  A fast game as it is, why the push to make it faster, to maximize club profit I would presume.  Many clubs tried it and dropped it like a hot potato, but the damage was done, as those who were thinking of no longer shooting registered found that to be the straw that broke the camels back. 

Nature of the game I guess in trap, but not knowing at what time your going to shoot makes for a long day, especially if shooting more then one gun.  Even when you pre-squad, you find unfilled squads and you end up shooting earlier then planned.  Over filled shoots have you waiting hours to shoot.  No fun shooting the second 100 at 6pm!

 Registered trap went from three hole trap to two hole trap (targets not being thrown as wide).  Sounded like a good idea, but more then a few grew bored over time, as less of a challenge and left the game.  Not saying they were even close to being top shooters, but they enjoyed the challenge. 

In both registered skeet and trap allow for non-ATA/NSSA members (as does the NSCA) to participate.  Many clubs have shooters that won't travel, but if given the opportunity to shoot registered at home club shoots, would.  They pay the same as the registered shooters, but shoot Lewis Class.  At small club shoots, these shooters can make a difference in a successful l shoot or not, and we might even pick up a few registered members.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cabin Fever Open @ Underhill

Two time a year this skeet and trap club (with 5-stand) converts the club into a sporting clays club using the super sporting concept and holds an NSCA shoot. 

Underhill Rod & Gun Club, Westford, Vermont

As hoped, rains came early and other then wet fields, a dry day.  Overcast for the first rotation, but started to break up during the second.  The third rotation experienced plenty of sun, but the wind really picked up.

A shotgun start. Those manning stations were very helpful and a big assist to all.

I started with an IC choke and never saw reason to change.  I went out with 100 shells and shot 100 shells.  The 1100 worked flawlessly and my squad never experienced any machine problems.

Targets.  Overall, good target presentations and I had no big issues!  Saying that, you can take the rest for what it's worth and agree or disagree.

First rotation shooters were at a disadvantage as far as seeing all targets, as the sun was missing and very easy to not see some targets until the last few seconds at several stations.  More then a few of the first rotation shooters made comment. 
At times during the second rotation you could observe hits go up when the sun was out and then observe several misses when the sun went behind a cloud.  
Not showing enough target face or wrong colored targets (or maybe shooters not paying enough attention and/or confused with the three machine concept)?  
Anyway, a lot of  it's over there or the targets on the left/right was heard. Said it a few times myself.  Comments that would not be allowed in FITASC.  Thankfully, it wasn't FITASC!

If the sun was out for all, obviously not an issue, but, something target setters need to take into consideration.

One station broke MY three second rule.  Target should be viewable for a minimum of three seconds in a shoot window before it disappears behind trees or bushes. 
I didn't have such reflexes (nor eyes) when I was 18 and sure don't have them now! A chain saw during target setup could of easily rectified this.  And no, I didn't do well at the station. I was feeling pretty good until I reached that station.  I have enough problems trying to shoot a decent score then having to undergo an eye and reflex test at a station or is it just me?

With that said, most were happy with the shoot and can't wait until the fall shoot!

A smoothly run shoot with what seemed plenty of help on hand. 

Those running the shoot have a caterer with a truck stand come in and take care of lunch.  He seemed to do a brisk business.

I ran into one shooter who tells me he is given up registered trap shooting to concentrate on sporting clays this year.  This part of the country can't afford to lose any registered trap or skeet shooters.  Not looking good for those disciplines in this neck of the woods.  Don't get me wrong, seems to be plenty shooting skeet and trap, but very few interested in registered shooting.

Maybe two squads of Canadians in attendance.  Two shooters were held up at the border, as those working the border crossing couldn't make up there minds if they were allowed to enter the U.S. with shotguns and ammunition, even if they had paperwork approved by the ATF in there possession.

After all these years that Canadians have been using the ATF Form 6NIA you would think all working the border would be aware they are authorized (the form must be approved prior to the crossing by ATF headquarters and is good for one year)!  If the firearm(s) and ammunition is listed on the form (especially for non-VISA Canadians) they are allowed and if not, turned away....


Video Camera Donation (Lost Target)

Nothing like seeing motion and sounds versus a still photograph.

Taking video at shoots I attend is a given! Enjoyed by many, as well as helping promote the clay target shooting sports. 

As of this posting the Lost Target (Joe Potosky) has uploaded 264 videos uploaded to YouTube.

A lot of shoots attended and much history, history that would be lost and not enjoyed if not recorded!

It's getting past the time to upgrade my video camera, as my present camera is starting to show it's age.  Much video is left on the cutting room floor, as the camera lens is not picking up detail that it should.

If you like to contribute to offset my out of pocket expenses on a new camera purchase it would be appreciated.

Just click on the PAY PAL link on the right side of this page to donate!

You don't need a PayPal account to contribute.  Credit cards accepted!

If you rather send a contribution via snail mail, contact me and I'll provide my mailing address.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Canadian Trapshooting Championship Presquad

Club L'Acadie

59th Canadian Trapshooting Championship

June 23rd to June 29th 2014



Presquadding begins 5/17/2014


Shoot Program:,373.msg491.html#msg491

Directions to the Club and general travel information (for those who have not visited the club).,150.msg194.html#msg194

Thumbs up - Herter's Ammunition

Last fall Cabela's had a sale on Herter's ammunition (made in Italy).  I purchased several cases, but the first chance to try them was just this week.

I had seen several shooting the shells this past winter.  I talked to a few shooters and everyone seemed happy with them.

I shot two boxes in skeet using IC choke out of a Remington 1100 without any failure to fires or failures to feed.

1oz, 7 1/2, 1290 fps

I also shot a couple boxes of Rio's (1210 fps) and didn't feel any difference in felt recoil.

It looked like the Herter shells were crushing the targets a little harder then the Rio's, but the fps were different and may be the reason, especially at skeet distances.

If I run into another sale I would not hesitate to purchase!