Monday, November 30, 2015

Turkey Fun Shoot @ Club L'Acadie

I had my doubts on turnout at the fun turkey shoot at Club L'Acadie, with 30 degree temperatures and snow flurries in the forecast, but pleasantly surprised with 32 shooting skeet and lesser numbers shooting the trap (27) and 5 Stand (18) events.  Friday my wife and I shot practice in Vermont and it was 60 degrees.

I'm thinking the best turnout for this annual event seen in recent years.

I shot the 50 target trap event.  I don't speak French, but do understand the numbers 1-5 called out in French when moving from station to station.  Saying that, not uncommon for a trapper to call out the numbers in both French and English when I'm on a squad.  Today it was all French : )

YouTube video of the shoot:

The club is located just southeast of Montreal. I cross the New York/Quebec border to attend.  No border traffic to speak of this time of year (I use one of the smaller crossings) and no problems transporting my shotgun. 

Upon re-entering the U.S. the agent did make a casual inquiry about my U.S. Customs Form 4457 lamination (form used to list firearms and other high value goods that you departed the states with). 

He quickly came to the conclusion that I shoot in Canada often and thus the reason for the lamination.

Many years ago I started laminating the forms to protect them from wear and tear. The form does not expire and is good for as long as the information is readable and the information hasn't changed. 

Nothing in federal regulations prohibit lamination and I've only been challenged once in that regard.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Support SCTP with Your Amazon Purchases

With the holiday shopping season upon us, many of you will no doubt be shopping on, the website where you can buy everything from books and music to electronics to automobile tires.

Without spending another cent, you can support SSSF, which administers the Scholastic Clay Target Program, with your Amazon purchases.

When you log onto Amazon through a special link,, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase price to the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation -- at no extra cost to you. Go to


Top Gun Shells @ Dicks

I was shopping the local DICK'S Sporting Goods and they had a stand-alone rack in the sporting section containing various boxes of shells (mostly rifle) with a sign saying 20% off.  They did have some STS shells for $5.58 a box (after 20% off) sitting on the rack. I purchased what they had (all were 1 1/8).

I walked over to the area in the store where they sell ammunition and see Top Gun (Pink) on Sale for $5.48. 

The local Dick's doesn't sell by the case and I had to load the cart with individual boxes.  You get the usually stares when walking through the store and it's stuffed with boxes of shells.

Checked out, loaded the vehicle, and then decided to check my receipt.  Top Gun ($6.99) a box?

I returned to the store and checked out the Sale sign.  In small print (Nov 1 - Nov 7). 

Todays the 20th : (

I removed the Sale sign and brought it to the cashier. I said this isn't fair (having an expired Sale sign posted).

No excuses, no side stepping.  Right off the bat, store mistake and we'll honor the sale.

Note:  DICK'S Sporting Goods will not sell ammunition to non-citizens, no matter what federal law allows.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Estate shotgun shells

I purchased a number of cases of Estate 1oz. shells and the wife and I have been shooting them on and off in practice.

We've had five or six shells that just didn't do the job in providing enough energy to allow the second shell in a Remington 1100 or Beretta A400 to load properly.

During the same time span I've also been shooting RIO and Nobel Sport shells and never a problem.

When it happens in my A400 the second Estate shell will load, but not set the firing pin.  I can hear it when it happens, as the bolt normally cycles very fast, but slows when it come across a weak Estate.

If I run across another deal on Estate's I will purchase for practice, but will never use in tournament shooting!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Another Remington 1100 Repair

My wife and I we're testing a Remington 1100 we wanted to designate as a backup gun.  It has an adjustable comb and butt plate and it can be used by either of us.

Shooting skeet it twice failed to completely load the second shell.  Shooting Estates and at first assumed dirty shells, but the way the second shell stopped just short of loading completely into the barrel had me thinking it wasn't the shells.

Thought about it for a few days and tore down the 1100, to include taking off the stock to give it a going over.  As is my rule, if the stock is off, replace the Action Spring ($5 - $6 part).  I've long had that habit and just earlier this year I was talking to a person who repairs firearms and he recommends yearly replacement, as he thinks the cause of many broken 1100 parts.

This was also the 1100 where I previously found an out of whack Action Spring Plug.  It would not slide easily in or out of the tube. I had to back it out with a screwdriver.  I figure time to replace but only new style plugs available.  I found an old style plug on ebay. The ebay replacement slid in and out without any effort. No, have no idea why the old plug failed.

Did a thorough cleaning to include the trigger.  When putting the gun back together I noticed the tip of the Link (T) missing.  The two ends seat the Link into the Action Spring Follower.  With one tip missing you end up with a loose (and out of align) Link.  I've had them break before but never seen a missing tip.

I suspect I found the reason the two shells didn't load correctly.

I also replaced the Barrel Seal.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

The Use of Lead in Ammunition

An excellent article out of Europe that includes a video report.

110 delegates, including journalists, politicians, scientists, members of environmental institutions, hunting and sport shooting organizations and food agencies met at the Symposium “The Sustainable Use of Lead Ammunition in Hunting and Sports Shooting: Facts and Emotions” held on 20 October 2015 in Brussels.

“Rightly handled, metallic lead in ammunition is not a problem at all” said the Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition (AFEMS) President Torbjorn Lindskog.

“The use of lead in munitions in hunting and shooting, shouldn’t be used as fuel to rabble-rouse or as ammo against hunting.

See the video:

The Use of Lead in Ammunition

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Dover Furnace Closing

Sent: Tuesday, November 3, 2015 9:52:30 PM
Subject: dover furnace

Dear Beretta Shooting Grounds Members,

It's hard to believe we're closing in on our 7th year in business at Dover Furnace. The place has been transformed from an abandoned summer camp to one of the finest public shooting grounds in the country.

Jeanne and I purchased this property in June of 2008 with no real direction on what we would do with it. It was an investment with lots of potential. Since then we've been slowly developing the property and expanding the shooting, catering, lodging, and retail offering into what today you know as the Beretta Shooting Grounds. Our next expansion planned was the lodging offering, with the intent of having 60 + rooms available which would have created a luxury destination.

In recent weeks we were approached by a potential buyer for Dover Furnace, and after many days of consideration we have decided to sell the property. The new owner will not be using the property in the same capacity, therefore the shooting grounds will be closing December 31st of this year. For those members and/or non members with key/targets, you'll have until then to use them up. Those members who signed up for the rifle/pistol range membership, will be given a refund.

As previously mentioned this property was always intended as an investment. It was a difficult decision for both of us, but the economics ruled in the direction we're taking.

We want to thank you for your support and patronage for the last seven years. We'll miss the friendships and daily interaction with the public shooting world.

Jim & Jeanne Muncey

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Reloads, oversized brass.

I had two reloads, one after another, get stuck in the chamber of my Beretta A400. 

First time shooting reloads in my A400 and happened on the first two shells : (

Chambered the shell and the shell did not set completely. Just went in far enough to go past the extractor, but the brass itself did not set completely in the barrel chamber.

Had to use the tip of a knife blade to lift the shell extractor enough in order to remove the barrel.  Then a cleaning rod to extract the shell.  Same procedure both times.

Got to say I was worried as re-loading for years and never had this problem and the first time using them in my Beretta.

Loaded a shell out of the box in the wife's 1100 and same problem.

Good news, as not a problem with the Beretta, but the reloads (expanded brass).  

Either the collet needing adjustment or worn out.

At home I took several fired shells of different brands and resized them on my MEC 9000G.  Didn't fit in the Beretta barrel, nor the 1100.

Played around with the collet and wasn't getting anywhere. Tightened the collet to the point the handle wouldn't go down all the way and then backed off a bit to the point the handle would bottom out.   I resized a few and they fit the barrel.  I went ahead and reloaded a box of five different brands of 12 gauge hulls.

Happy to report all worked at the range today.

I suspect at some point I will have to replace the collet, as no further tightening is possible.