Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Death of Olympic Doubles Trap

A recommendation has been made to replace the double trap men’s event with a trap mixed gender team competition by an International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Ad-Hoc Committee.

Yes.  The elimination of Double Trap and replaced with a mixed gender Olympic trap singles event. 

The purpose?  To establish gender equality.

As each discipline at the Olympics receives X number of slots and can't be expanded on, some disciplines have to reformat if there is to be more women.

Only a recommendation, but almost a certainty of being approved, but lighting could strike, but unlikely.

Real world.  Olympic doubles trap will die off in many parts of the world, as many countries subsides shooters and / or facilities and they are not going to invest money on a discipline that is no longer an Olympic sport. From what I see only shot sparingly in the USA except for those with Olympic ambitions and will slowly disappear at many ranges.

Doubles trap for women at the Olympics was discontinued after the 2004 summer Olympics. Won by U.S. shooter Kim Rhode.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Idiots Not Securing Firearms in the Home

More then a few times a month I come across an article where a child is shot by another child in the home.  Children as young as three and four years old having access to loaded guns?

Loaded gun in the closet, under the bed, under the pillow, in a dresser drawer, in a kitchen cabinet, on top of the refrigerator, even in a vehicle.

Kids are kids (and, kids have come friends over).

Saying I told them not to touch is not good enough!

Not carrying?  Lock it up.

Numerous safes in all sizes can be opened quickly by either quick combo or fingerprint.

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Biometric Gun Safes for Handgun/Rifle – Read this before buying!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Hard of Hearing and Shooting at the Range

Having problems hearing range commands or the calls of the trapper?

May be time to consider Electronic Hearing Protection.

Modern state of the art protection not only amplifiers sound (hear conversations), but more importantly cuts off loud noises, such as gun fire. 

If you have significant hearing loss and removing your hearing aids for whatever reason, a product listed may make your visit to the range a more enjoyable one.  Yes, going to cost you $$$ over dumb protection, but....

There are a host of electronic options out there.  Hopefully this will nudge you to upgrade your protection or for those who are thinking of not shooting because of hearing problems, keep you at the range.

Using Hearing Aids with Hearing Protection

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Best Ear Protection For Shooting – (Reviews & Guide 2016)

For those that for whatever reason don't want to use ear muffs.

Ear plug inserts.

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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Shooting Glasses Prescription

I posted about this previously, but thought my Optometrists messed up my prescription.  Something seemed a little off, but I didn’t question it.  Was OK for everyday use, but when at the range : (

Anyway, after 12 months of living with it I went in for a new exam and my right eye prescription was beefed up.

Not that time of year weather wise, but have been able to go shooting several times with my new prescription.

What a difference.  I suspected the right eye prescription on my old lens was off, but wow!

Only been shooting skeet and trap, but no longer losing target focus.  Target would get out a bit and it became a hazy blur. Depending on the sky, losing it completely.  

Looking forward to visiting a sporting clays course. 

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Dead bird....

I was attending a fun shotgun turkey shoot at Club L'Acadie in Quebec and observed a young lady learning how to shoot.  Have no idea who she is but she looked determined.

A picture (video) is worth a thousand words.

Later in the day I saw her shooting trap.

 The heated trailer is rolled out for cold weather trap shooting. In the spring it's removed.

I watched her take a few shots.  She was on her last shell and I said, hold lower.  She broke the target...

Canadian Snowbird denied entry into the USA with Firearm

Canadian Snowbird denied entry with shoot invitations and approved ATF Form 6NIA.

Invitations did not cover length of stay (4 months).

You have three options when your filling out the application.  Two of them are applying with Shoot Invitations or applying with Hunting License.
You can't mix and match.
If you go with Shoot Invitations, then you have to have a shoot invitation that covers the length of your stay when entering the USA.  In the case of the snow bird who was going to be in the states for four months, he needed several invitations and one from a shoot that was four months down the road.  On a second try he had the necessary paperwork.
A shoot flyer is not a shoot invitation.  An invitation has to be on letter head, addressed to the shooter, list shoot dates and signed.  More then one date can be on a letter, to include fun and league shooting.
If you don't have shoot invitations or think it will be a problem for the period involved, the Hunting License option is what you need.  A hunting License can be from any state.  Your visiting Florida but your license is from Alaska.  Not a problem.  Using the Hunting License option allows you to enter the states for almost any reason regarding the shooting sports (protection is not a reason), to include visiting a club when they are not having an event. 
I suggest those that do use the Hunting License option have a few shoot flyers/invitations with you incase the agent wants to make sure of your intent.
Any questions can be answered by: 
Firearms and Explosives Imports Branch
Phone: (304) 616-4550.  Office hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST
Monday through Friday (except federal holidays)

Cracked Remington 1100 Stock

Older model Remington. 

The wife was having issues with the gun. I ended up pulling off the stock to give the gun a thorough inspection.   Ended up replacing the O-Ring, but found the beginning of a crack inside the bolt hole.  All my shotguns get a complete tear down each November/December and unless I missed it last year, something that happened in the past year.

Through the years I've replaced everything on the 1100 that can be replaced.  Guess we'll add a stock to the portfolio.

EBay came to the rescue. I found a stock with pad, LOP cut down to what my wife's is. The reduced LOP saved me a few bucks as I don't have to pay to have the stock cut. 

When I get my hands on it (received shipping notification) I will be sending it to GRACO to have an adjustable comb installed.  Through the years they have done several for me.

The adjustable comb on a 1100 makes for an all around gun.  It can be used for both trap and sporting (skeet) with just a change in barrels and an adjustment to comb height.  I'm convinced a must for women, who have different neck size then men.

Will be checking out the condition of the pad when I receive the stock, but hopefully it won't need to be replaced, but if it's hard as a rock.....