Sunday, September 24, 2017

Wobble Trap @ Club Huntingdon

Club de Tir Huntingdon (Sainte-Barbe, Québec)

Shot off the newly installed Wobble Trap.

Not only targets at random being thrown left/right, also at random high and low.

And, when I say low I mean skimming the grass and high is well into the clear club sky.

One target can be a hard left, just above the grass and the next can be a hard right, as high as a trap target can be thrown.

I recommend holding on the roof or your going to miss the low ones.

You have the option of taking two shots at a target.

The machine is a nice addition to the club and I'm sure will be incorporated into future fun shoots.  

The club is having an end of year member trap "singles" shoot next Sunday.  I expect the wobble trap will be in use and will take some video.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sept 16 @ Vernon National (Sporting Clays)

Shot the AM NSCA sporting clays at Vernon National (Vernon, NY) today.  A PM shoot was offered but couldn't stick around.

I had pre-registered (Winscore) and it was just picking up my score card and making payment.  Pretty straight forward.

Ran into an old friend and we ended up on the same squad.  We made plans for attending a shoot together at Sunset Farm next year.

16 stations.  They have more then two machines at each stations and thus an AM and PM shoot can easily be held without moving machines around.  I've shot practice at the club and with three or four machines on a station, makes for a good time (and a lot of targets shot).

You can park your vehicle in the vicinity of station 1 /16 and the course is an easy walk.  Rental carts available. Most walked the course.

A few photos.  Several of the squad and the brand new raised platform at station 16.

 Over looking a ravine

 That's me....

Pastries / coffee (breakfast) and hamburgers / hotdogs (lunch) included in the price of the shoot.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fun Trap & Skeet Shoot @ Farnham

Attended the annual fun trap and skeet shoot at Club chasse, pêche et tir de Farnham inc. (Farnham, Québec).

Two trap fields and one skeet field.  Nice crowd in attendance.  Shoot went on for most of the day and with people coming and going no extended time sitting around waiting to shoot.

You chose what you want to shoot first (trap or skeet) and when finished with one you return to the desk and squad for the other.  Worked well!

I shot trap and skeet, but didn't stick around for trap doubles.

Best viewed full screen.

Hotdog, homemade fries, and a soda for lunch.  $3 Canadian.  Fries filled half the plate.

A well run shoot. Hats off to the volunteers.


No traffic, nor any issues crossing the border, going and returning.