Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Prescription Shooting Glasses & Decot

Decot Sport Glasses

I've been having a hard time getting a sharp focus on targets using my V-Lite 1 lenses when less then full sun conditions (really noticeable in trap). I'd start out with a good focus, but then the target would turn into a blur.  Certain backgrounds would also effect what I was seeing (or not).
I have a second lens color (Gold lite 10) that is excellent on dark cloudy days, but not comfortable to wear on sunny or partial cloudy days, as I find myself squinting because of the sun.

Time for change....

A trip to my Ophthalmologist before I ordered new lenses found that I needed a prescription update (less then two years from my last prescription change).

So, as well as changing out the V-Lite lenses for another color that would give me more latitude in regard to sun and partly cloudy days, I also needed a new set of Gold lite lenses to go along with the new prescription.

I also upgraded to Polycarbonate lenses and Anti-Reflective Coating.

Today, I receive a call from the Decot company asking why I was changing lens colors (been using them from when I first started shooting) from what I ordered the last time.  I explained what was going on and a suggestion was made in regard to lens color and shade.

I won't have my new lenses for most likely three weeks, but will do a follow-up after given them a workout.

Monday, May 14, 2018

How It's Made By Laporte Clay Target Factory (video)

Video showing the making of clay targets.

The Laporte Family is really proud that Discovery Channel chose our Laporte clay target factory in Formerie (France) as a perfect example to show "How it's made".

It is a great honor for us since Discovery Channel only features the very best in each industry.
Stay tuned, the show will air in a few weeks in Northern America (Canada and USA).

Our targets are going to be thrown in some of the biggest events in the World in the next few years, when our Laporte traps remain the highest reference all around (sporting, trap and skeet): 2018 World Skeet Championship, 2018 World FITASC Championship, 2018 Nationals, 2019 World Skeet Championship, 2019 NSCA Nationals and US Open, 2020 Tokyo.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

2018 Cabin Fever Open @ Underhill

Underhill Rod & Gun Club (Westford, Vermont)

New format this year.....  No pre-squading.  You show up and if none of your friends are in attendance you run around trying to get squadded.

Personally, I despise no pre-squading, but I'm sure I'm in the minority.

Backups on the course. Two brand new machines acting up.  I was told they leave the factory set to throw White Flyer targets. The club throws Lawry targets and machines were not "burned in" prior to the shoot to check for issues.  I was informed knife edge adjustments is the cure in regard to Lawry targets.

The two machines were not the only reason for backups.  A couple of squads were doing more socializing then shooting before each station and while shooting.  And, some obviously not aware the time to change chokes is when you see the show targets, not when its your turn to shoot.

One station (two report pairs) could of seen more imagination in target presentation.  Basically outgoing straightaway from the same machine.  Point the gun in the general direction with skeet choke and pull the trigger.  As one shooter was overheard saying, not sporting clays targets.

In a wooded area on the course the use of a chain saw is recommend before the next shoot.

OK that was the downside.  

Overall nice target presentations and seasoned shooters who moved the shoot along at a good pace (except for the couple of squads mentioned).

A sunny day and for the most part the targets popped.

Registration went smoothly.

Lunch was included in the shoot fee and the two "girls" working the kitchen did an outstanding job.

Unlike my previous shoot the weather was comfortable. Saying that, my bedroom closest had been transferred to my vehicle and I was prepared to shoot even if the temperature dropped well below freezing.



For shooters in my neck of the woods a great loss when club La Roue du Roy closed in Quebec.  Rumor has it that new ownership and looking for a June opening.


Barre Fish & Game Club

1st Annual "Support the 2nd Amendment" Skeet Shoot
Sunday, June 24th!
50 targets (25 regular / 25 double)
Entry fee $35.
$15 returned to shooters.
Registration 8:30-11am or call Mike 802-522-2499

* This is NOT an NSSA shoot.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Indoor Clay Target Shooting (Georgia)

Come see this massive new facility for yourself with new features like the nations premier Indoor Shotgun Range with Trap, Skeet, and 5-Stand, as well as our 100 Yard Indoor Rifle Range rated up to 7mm Mauser, 32 Pistol and Rifle Lanes with state-of-the-art equipment, Private Members Lounge with full service restaurant and bar, Technohunt Archery Simulator and more!

Always open to the public!

Sporting clays coming soon!

Now open in Kennesaw!

Governors Gun Club Kennesaw has ribbon cutting