Sunday, May 26, 2019

Three Shoots and two thank-you's

Finally been out and about (have ongoing health issues) and started visiting clubs and doing video and photos.  I get tired and can't go all out like I use to but I do manage to get some decent video and photos.  Something I always enjoyed and never expected payment or donation.

Three shoots….  Didn't shoot, just showed up with my cameras.

Two clubs I was more then welcomed and received a thanks for coming.

One club I'm still trying to figure why I even showed up.  Basically ignored by club (shoot) management and never received a simply thank you for coming!  Not even a thanks posting on Facebook or YouTube.  If I'm not welcomed or the club could care less, just man up and tell me so I'm not wasting my time.

Maybe I've never been welcomed and just came to the realization.

Just venting and it feels good!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Two prescription changes in the last two years $$$

Went to the eye clinic today as couldn't see clearly at distance.  Highway signs hard to read.  Outgoing trap targets would disappear from sight : (

Had my eyes checked and the person running the machine couldn't come up with a prescription for my that wasn't a blur. 

I've been seeing an ophthalmologist for the last two years and he has been keeping tabs on the start of my cataracts.  Told me at some point they might become an issue. 

When all said and done he recommended I have cataract surgery.

The downside is I have to wait until August to have the procedure done.  

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Roue du Roy Super Sporting Program

Please find attach, a shoot flyer for the May 25-26th event at La Roue.

If you plan to participate let me know which Day (Sat or Sun) & Time (AM or PM) you would like to shoot.

Next (MOST IMPORTANT), please let me know if you would help to volunteer & referee at least one flight time.   

Thanking you in advance,