Thursday, September 19, 2019

Broken Remintron 1100 Magazine Tube

Found this break while trying to re-assemble.  

I'll give the Remington repair center a call and price a replacement magazine tube replacement/installation.  

If over a couple of hundred dollars I'll just buy a used 1100 and use it as my wife's backup gun.


Went to the range and we had issues with the 1100 backup gun my wife was using while we decided on what to do with the broken 1100.

After looking at a number of used 1100's online, the cheaper ones had a number of condition issues.  I already shoot a Beretta and time to move my wife to one.

At the end of the day I purchased a new Beretta A300 Sporting 12ga. for under $900, to include shipping. 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Private Gun Sale Back Ground Checks

For or against?

Knew an avid clay target shooter for more then five years, maybe closer too ten.

He crossed numerous times into Canada to shoot.  One day technology caught up to him as Canadian Customs was able access his U.S. criminal record.

Turns out he was caught a number of years back selling drugs, arrested, and was a convicted drug dealer.  He had a felony conviction and NOT ALLOWED TO POSSES FIREARMS!

Do you know the history and background of the person at the club who is interested in buying your firearm?

Monday, September 09, 2019

Valleyfield and Farnham weekend

Visited Club Valleyfield Saturday and shot video of day two of the three day ATA trap shoot they were hosting.

Started to rain around 1pm but not heavily.


Shot my first round of practice trap in over a year.  Felt good and I could see the targets clearly (had cataract surgery this past August).  Shot over more then a few targets and compensated by holding lower.  In the past I added a weight to slow my upward swing, but physically not at that point yet. I think I'll put the weight back on the next time I shoot sporting and go from there.

The club made a rather generous Lost Target donation.  Always appreciated!

Just my luck on the way home I passed a road side stand and they were still selling strawberries.  Sweet as can be.  Stopped and picked up some vanilla ice cream.


Sunday saw me at Club Farnham for there annual fun skeet and trap shoot.  About 1hr 45min drive.

Didn't rain but on the cool side.  In the afternoon we finally had sunny skies.


I shot the 50 target trap singles event.  Registration was in two parts.  You first registered and paid for the shoot (shoot fee included ammunition).  And, then reported to another table for squadding.

A change (I think it was new) is they had a large board off the field where you could see what squads were next up next for shooting.  They also had a board on the fields.  Excellent idea! I was squad #3.

Shot a 20 on the first field but fell apart on the second and ended up with a 16.  Had a hard time swinging on the hard lefts and rights.  Not shooting enough and got tired.  Wait until next year : )

Hot dogs and home cooked French fries for lunch.

Club seemed to have plenty of volunteers.  Hats off....

I don't speak French but many people came up and started talking to me in English.  Sometimes I don't realize how many people know me and how many people in Quebec speak a second language.

I didn't stick around for the awarding of prizes, but more then enough to go around.  Thanks to those who donated to the shoot!  I took a few photos (and video) of the tables holding the awards.

I found an out of the way ice cream stand on the way home and of course I had to stop.  Hitting the border and the person working was someone I meant at a sporting shoot a few years back.

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Tournoi Five Man Team @ Huntingdon

Tournoi Five Man Team
Club de Tir Huntingdon - 500 rang du Ruban (Sainte Barbe), Québec

Nice turnout with over 50 shooters.

75 target event.  50 trap singles and 25 wobble trap.

Well run shoot!

Great kitchen.  Hamburgers cooked just like I like them.


A shooter shot the fun shoot the previous week at Valleyfield and forgot to re-install the release trigger in his shotgun.  Flinched all day.


Club Huntingdon in the recent past experienced vandalism.  Someone with a rifle shot up the club.  I saw the bullet holes on the outside of the building during my visit.

The club invested 3000$ in a camera system and now has 24 hour surveillance.


Recently had cataract surgery. Have to use reading glasses and a pain to keep reaching for them.  Sept 9th I will be receiving a permanent prescription and if nothing else I will be purchasing bifocal reading glasses, both clear lens and a sunglass.

I mention it as I tried setting a camera setting at the shoot without my reading glasses and messed up.  I was setting the camera to take a photo every 45 seconds and instead set it to take a photo ever 9 min and 45 sec : (


Crossing the border into Canada. Was stopped and had my firearm checked.  The lady checking told me she shot clay targets a few times when she was in Scotland.  We talked and I gave her the location of the Huntingdon and Valleyfield clubs.  She thought something she might do come this spring.


Stopped at my favorite road side stand, but no strawberries to be had.  Lady said she had a sister stand in Ormstown that was still selling strawberries.  Ten miles out of my way.  There's always next year.


My laptop at the minimum needed a new hard drive, had a couple of keys that were failing, and other issues.

Picked up a HP as a replacement and not a happy camper.  Stopped by Best Buy to fix one issue and tonight found the card reading wasn't working.

Already ordered a Dell and will be returning the HP to Best Buy on Tuesday.


Two shoots next weekend.

QPTA Saturday and Sunday at Valleyfield and a trap/skeet fun shoot at Farnham on Sunday.