Tuesday, November 12, 2019

November 2019 Odds & Ends (Beretta A300)

I purchased a Beretta A300 Outlander Sporting Shotgun for the wife.

Contacted a local gun shop to use there FFL for shipping and was told they didn't let people use there FFL.  Had no idea....

Contacted X-Plo, Inc and not a problem.  I think it cost $35,  First time visiting X-Plo when I went to pick up the shotgun and found it good sized and busy.  I was out of there in fifteen minutes.

Wife couldn't see the beads and a little on the long side.  Shipped the gun to Graco in Arkansas for stock work.  They installed an adjustable comb and took off 1/4" off the end of the stock.  The only down side was that Graco was a little backed up and took two weeks longer then expected.  In the past I think I was looking at maybe a week and a half turn around. Excellent work!

The shotgun will get a good work out in Florida this winter.


Stopped by a Dunkin Donuts on veterans day and received my free donut.


So much for a conservative supreme court looking out for gun owners "Supreme Court Allows Sandy Hook Relatives to Sue Gun Maker"


Test and more test this week and past week.   Getting ready to go under the knife this upcoming Monday.  Did a stress test today and one more CT scan scheduled on Thursday. An Albany surgeon is going to remove a cancer from my left kidey (right kidney was last February).  Told to expect a four hour operation and be going home on Thursday.   Be a little late getting to Florida this year, but will be going.