Saturday, April 18, 2020

Virus and shooting at the club

At some point the regional clay target ranges in my area will be available (opened). If your 60 and younger, with no health issues I'm sure your ready to go and not too worried of getting sick, as you'll most likely will be able to shake off the virus (hopefully).
Me.  Older guy (70) and health issues.  Hard enough to stay safe in my travels, but I manage.  So far have been able to keep my safe distance from others, but what about at the range?
Just from comments on various gun talk boards I know there is going to be issues with some, as they refuse reality and burying there heads in the sand.
At present the correct thing to do is to wear a face mask so you don't unknowingly infect someone (could be several days before someone shows symptoms). 
How do you handle someone at the range who refuses to wear a mask and wants to shoot on your squad (practice or registered)? 
Easy for me.  Won't be shooting on my squad, as has the potential to kill me. Target release sanitation.  Voice release in trap at all the regional clubs. So no issue.  Carry around a box of sandwich bags for bagging the devices when shooting practice sporting.  I could spray them but you have to wait until it's dry to be effective.  In lieu of that I will use hand sanitizer after handling.
Hand Sanitizer.  A must in the shoot bag.  Plastic bags or not, will be using in sporting after leaving each station if handling the release.  Being overly cautious in its use.
What about the trap boy (girl) when provided.  Club going to make them wear a mask?
I'll have to stay out of the club house accept for payment and using the restroom. as safe distance I imagine it will not be enforced and will also have those who refuse to wear a mask.

I thinking the above will work for practice, but have my doubts if I can pull it off at a registered or fun shoot.  Just to hard to keep your guard up all the time!