Sunday, January 24, 2016

ERAD target voice release @ Volusia

Three rounds of trap at the Volusia gun club (near Daytona Beach).

Sunny, in the low 50's.

The club has the old type ammo box holding stands at the 16 yard line.

The white stuff in the photos is sand, not snow.

The club uses the ERAD voice release system on its three trap fields. No wires, no microphone stands. The microphone is built into the card. Powered by two watch size batteries.

You clip the card on the upper part of your vest or shirt and your set to go.

Three rounds, two fields and no issues. You can have a normal conversation and not release a target.

The club will be hosting a ATA shoot on Friday, 19 Feb. Singles, handicap and doubles. 8:15 registration. 9:15 shooting. It may be there first ever. They do hold Big 50 shoots and have become popular (twice a month on Fridays).

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