Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Guana River Wildlife Management Area (Photos)

We did a day hike....

 A catch 22.  You want to be quiet so you see wildlife, but being quiet means that you may run into something that you rather not!

A warm day. 83 degrees when we returned to the vehicle.  We had the area to ourselves. Except for a few game wardens we only saw two people and that was 15  minutes from the vehicle upon are return.

A bit of rain in January and not all pathways have drained this first week of February.  We had two short stretches (less then 100 feet) where we had to walk through about 8 inches of water.  On either side of that particular stretch it was wetlands and more water, so no choice to go around.  We made sure we made plenty on noise when walking that part of the trail  : )


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