Friday, March 24, 2023

Lost Target Schedule 2023

I was out of action over the winter months because of health issues, thus the lack of the Florida shoot videos and photos that I normally post.

All is now well (spent the winter walking the mall), and you can expect posting of videos/photos to resume in May 2023.

Santa left a new camera under the tree Christmas morning.  I'm hoping it will replace two cameras. 

I've messed around with photo shooting and to my eye a big upgrade over my previous camera. Have not yet had a chance to visit a clay target range but I'm hoping for good things using the camera in video mode, as a much larger sensor and more video options. My first couple of shoots I'll be in learning mode so bear with me.

New York Sporting Clays Championships

Vermont Sporting Clays Championships

Vermont Trap Championships

Quebec Trap Championships

Quebec Skeet Championships

Quebec International Skeet Championships

Various other shoots.

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