Sunday, February 09, 2020

Feb 2020 @ Amelia Shotgun Sports, Yulee, FL

Amelia Shotgun Sports

First visit since 2018.  Facilities and club house in great shape.

14 station sporting clays, 3 machines each.  Five other stations available for beginning shooters.  Skeet and trap is also shot.

Two or three machines I should have changed to a tighter choke, but overall an IC course.

We rented a cart but you can easily walk the course.

In the low 60's with a cool wind.  Put on my rain jacked for a bit more warmth.

Didn't shoot it but looks to be an interesting 5-Stand.

As a side note it cost me some years back, $2,500 to become a life member of the club.  The club was just opening and they were looking for seed money.

The deal was you chipped in $2,500 and in return you received a life family membership, the complete $2,500 returned in shooting (you had a $2500 account and they deducted targets shot, from the $2500) and you could shoot at the club seven days a week.  You also shot at a reduced rate.

Still shooting at a reduced rate but the $2500 is long gone!

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